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Starting with the fall of 2011, CALS will be implementing the single Bachelor of Science Degree for ALL Students in the college. There will no longer be a Natural Science Degree, a Business Degree, an Ag Production Degree or an International Ag and Natural Science Degree. Instead, every student will be expected to meet the UW and CALS BS requirements and the requirements of their Major(s). Areas of Specialization will be described as a set of recommended electives. More details can be found in the current version of the curriculum sheet for the BS of Science Degree with a Dairy Science Major (posted and updated by CALS office.)

This page provides an overview of course requirements towards a B.S. degree. The links will take you to UW-sites describing those requirements in much more details.

1- How do I bring as many credits from my high school education into my UW-Madison Degree?
All Freshmen should know that they can get:
2- What do I need to know about General Education requirements for ALL students at UW-Madison?
UW Madison has general education requirements that ALL UW-Madison students must meet before graduation. These General Education requirements are listed in the  "UW Requirements section of your curriculum sheet." The general education requirements are:
  • Communication A (2-3 cr., "a" courses);
  • Communication B (2-3 cr., "b" courses);
  • Quantitative Reasoning A (3 cr., "q" courses); 
  • Quantitative Reasoning B (3 cr.,  "r");
  • Ethnic Studies (3 cr., "e" courses);
  • Humanities / Literature / Arts (6 cr., "H, L, X or Z" courses);
  • Social Sciences (3 cr., "S, W, or Z" courses).
To find the "a", "b", "q", "r" and "e" courses, go to the UW-Madison Course Guide. Under the "Find Courses" tab, click "show more options" and click on the Gen-Ed button for the "com A - "a", com B - "b", Quant Reason-A "q", and Quant Reason-B "r" courses and click under Ethnic Studies for the "e" courses.

3- What do I need to know about Degree Requirements for ALL CALS students?
The College offers five B.S. degrees (Bachelor of Science Degree, B.S. Agricultural Business Management, B.S. Biological Systems Engineering, B.S. Dietetics, and B.S. Landscape Architecture). The undergraduate catalog has more information on the CALS B.S. Degree Requirements. Also, click on General Education requirements of all BS degrees in CALS to learn about the requirements of the Bachelor of Science Degree program (the only degree program offered through the Dairy Science Department). These requirements are listed in the "CALS Requirements section of your curriculum sheet."

In addition to choosing a degree CALS provides you with the option to gain an International Certificate. The certificate is designed to fit within many CALS students’ existing degree requirements and thus will not materially affect time to degree. Certificate requirements are listed in the Certificate Requirements & Application. For more information on this certificate, please contact John Ferrick phone: (608) 262-3003.

Thus, CALS has its own set of requirements applicable to ALL 24 (departmental) majors within the College. If you happen not to find a (departmental) major that pleases you, you look into the Biology Major or you can develop your very own Individual Major under the supervision of a committee of faculty.

4- What do I need to know about the Dairy Science Major Requirements?
Completion of a major of at least 15 credits in one department of the college or in courses designated by the major department is required before graduation with a Bachelor of Science Degree. The requirements of the Dairy Science Major are found in the "Dairy Science Major Requirements of your curriculum sheet."  This section includes required courses including the Capstone experiences, as approved by the department. These requirements will be updated every few years, but you will find the latest updates on the CALS webpage for each major.

5- What else do I need in order to graduate in four years?
  • Four years of university work or the equivalent
  • A total of at least 120 credits (more in biological systems engineering)
  • A 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • 30 credit in residence

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